Green Roll Towels 1ply 8″ (20cm) – 16 x 76m


Green Roll Towels 1ply 8″ (20cm) – 16 x 76m. 1-ply green continuous roll towels are suitable for use in hygiene conscious environments.  1-ply green roll towels can dispense a single use open flat sheet.  This means the only sheet touched is the one that is used therefore reducing cross contamination.The green roll towel systems can give up to 40% cost in use savings over regular centrefeed and c-fold hand drying methods; making it a cost effective solution for high traffic areas.

It is important to keep your communal washrooms and toilets stocked up at all times, especially with hand towels and centre feeds. Our economical and environmentally friendly collection of domestic and commercial hand towels and centre feeds from Portland’s own make & recognised brands are ideal for use in busy washrooms such as factories, service stations, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets and many more.

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