Quaffer Bomb Glasses

Take a look at the latest & coolest BOMB Glasses available for bars, night clubs or your own house party


Quaffer Bomb Glasses…. THE Bomb Glass for JägerSkittleFireGlitter Bombs! Also for revitilising Old Favourite Cocktails…. Mai Tai’s, Vodka/Orange, Rum/Coke….and also the NEW BOND Bomb! Its easy….pour the first, then the second…. one sits on top of the other!

Quaffer Bombs Glasses, the patented Double Bubble Plastic Bomb Glass with a built-in chaser that allows you to serve/consume bomb shots in style! Each glass measures 50ml on the bottom and 25ml on top. Our glasses are made from safe PETE recyclable, washable and reusable plastic and compared to conventional glass, are also ‘teeth friendly’! Our glasses can we cleaned in dishwashers up to 65 degrees on a quick 1-2 min cycle, making reuse easy and quick for Bars and Clubs! The liquids will stay separated until consumed. To drink… tilt your head back, let the liquids flow and enjoy….due to the unqique design, the drinks mix as soon as the glass is tilted.  This bomb glass chaser is guaranteed to be the best shot you’ve ever had!

They create a new way to drink, new mixes of drinks and keep your customers coming back for more! The idea is simple….any liquid in the top, any liquid in the bottom….they dont mix until the glass is tilted!

Vodka/Red Bull, Vodka/Kahlua, Jager/Energy Drink, Vodka/Orange, Whiskey/Lemonade, Rum/Coke, cocktails, shots, anything you want to mix, an be mixed! There are over 100 ‘mixes’ for Quaffers already, with more being added every week. A lot of venues now offer a ‘Mix Your Own Quaffer’ option, where customers can decide their own shot/bomb! Quaffer bomb glasses are manufactured in ‘club-friendly’ plastic

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