Our range of kitchen items covers a huge variety of catering equipment, from high quality chef’s knives to utensils for any style or method of cooking. Choose from cloths and gloves to clean up spills and protect from heat, or trolleys and cookware that help cook and serve delicious dishes to the highest possible standard. For the professional pastry chef or commercial baker, we offer a variety of baking supplies from tins to rolling pins and non-stick baking mats, and our food storage, shelving options and stainless steel tables help maximise available space. Our range of sinks includes an option for every establishment, whether kitchen sinks or hand basins, drinking fountains or taps are required.

With cookware and implements to suit the needs of every large professional catering establishment, as well as smaller kitchens, chefs and cooks can choose from world-renowned knife brands such as Sabatier, Dick and Global knives, as well as specialist knives such as oriental and cheese knives. Our range of utensils is second to none and most spoons, spatulas and whisks are available in various sizes. Practical and reliable disposable gloves and oven gloves protect from burns, using advanced technology such as impenetrable Kevlar, and our pots and pans are available in copper, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron, offering a variety of cooking finishes.